xali mixanis PRESTIGE 8032AHH BURGUNDY 160×230

The transitional aesthetics that unites the vintage classic design and the current colors compose the carpets of the ezzo Prestige series. The exceptional quality and uniquely soft textured yarn, the thick pile and the high density weave give high strength and durability. An option that will upgrade your space, perfectly simulating the aesthetics of a handmade carpet.

Soft Touch.

Composition: 100% Heatset P.P.

Density: 420,000 points / sqm.

Weight: 2500 grs / sqm.

Pile Height: 11mm.

Top Quality woven carpet substrate. Eco-friendly & pets. Safe for health. Antibacterial. Suitable for intense home use with extra possibilities in the quick return of the pile due to the specialized processing of the threads. Antistatic, does not generate static electricity and therefore does not magnetize dust, fluff and microparticles. Washable. Stainless from everyday stains due to the special treatment in the threads that prevents the absorption of any stain. Flame retardants





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