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The Greek machine carpets arewoolen  with dense knots for a better aesthetic result. They are very durable , which makes them  carpets for life . They are e carpets that they can match  any space with attention and emphasis on the smallest detail. They revive old patterns and designs and succeed in giving the classic perfection to the space. They are very densein construction with few colors for easy combination. The carpets "garte" are durable carpets. We meet them in the houses after decades and they are in an exceptional situation. The "garte" have thicker thread (open ended)  and the "penie" have thinner (combed).

Machine carpets, also known as industrialized carpets, are carpets made entirely of automated looms of the latest technology of their time. Their construction from these automated systems is done in minimum time and with the best possible design. These carpets are manufactured to offer a lower cost alternative than those of handmade carpets. The machine carpets from Efraimoglou have a long service life even with continuous use, which is due to the use of quality fibers during their manufacture. More and more people trust the choice of machine carpets that gives a quality solution to the decoration of their space, without big cost compare with hand made one.

The absolute symmetry of the designs and patterns on a "garte" or "penie" machine mat, could never be achieved through a handmade carpet, they are perfect without mistakes. The machine carpets of Efraimoglou company, we would say that combine the perfection offered by the precision of the machine, with the quality of a real carpet. Made and processed mainly from wool, they create a more durable final product. Mechanical precision in construction, combined with human design art give us the unique modern and classic machine carpets of Efraimoglou company at the most economical and advantageous prices.

Machine carpets "garte" and "penie" are classified as industrialized carpets. They entered very dynamically at  60's and in Greece. Very good and well-known carpet industries based in Larissa, Thessaloniki and Athens.  They made carpets much more affordable at prices for floor covering. Large Greek companies built millions of meters and covered many spaces and households. They copy to some extent the traditional designs and look.

The machine carpets "garte" and "penie" from Efraimoglou, whether they are classic or modern, are made mainly of wool but also of other materials.  They are friendly to mankind and by default as natural products are hypoallergenic and slow burning. 

With a rich pile, dense knots create a feeling of warmth in the space that cover.

The very dense weave of machine carpets makes them difficult to see the use on them and as long as are is properly cleaned and storage  is an economical solution.  They come out in specific dimensions that cover 99% of cases. Common commercial dimensions and sizes are 130x200, 170x240, 200x300, 250x300 250x350 but also bedroom sets and runners.

The designs of the machine carpets "garte" and "penie" are the copies of traditional designs Bochara, Tabriz, Nain, pergam, floral, with pendants, repetitive and other more modern styles.

Today Efraimoglou company has the ability to offer at extremely affordable rates and makes this offer the definition of «money  for  value"

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