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Handmade Kilims by Efremoglou Company

Considering the living conditions at the time when the kilims were first made, we understand that they were intended to meet immediate livelihood needs but at the same time to please their user. With simple geometric patterns and brightly woven colours made of wool, cotton, jute and without pile, their production style was unusual. Their development was mostly based on the skill and imagination of their creator.

Some imperfections in the weaving, in the colours or even in the design, were overlooked. However, these imperfections tied harmoniously to the whole aesthetics of the handmade process, giving the kimil rug a stamp of uniqueness.

The kimil rugs from Efremoglou Company are made in the old traditional way, representing old creations, intentionally including during their development the imperfections of the original designs. They've been produced a lot at homes with looms up to a meter wide and usually joined them with other kimils. That is why, in many cases, we see different compounds. Today, in addition to the old rugs from Kazakhstan, Caucasus, Turkey, Persia, we find many from India and China. Also, the density and style of kimil, determine its overall the price. They offer excellent aesthetics and a lovely decorative solution for the floor, your wall, or even as a curtain, etc. If necessary, we put a substrate underneath the kimils for better stability. We find them with or without fringes, and they are often chosen as summer rugs.

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