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Shaggy Rugs - Handmade Rugs from Efremoglou Company

Modern rugs made of synthetic ecological yarns and other materials and in many cases, the backside of the rug is lined with a substrate for better technical results. Shaggy rugs have a rich and "fluffy" pile that creates the feeling of warmth and luxury in the space that contains them. They are available in handmade, hand type or roll moquettes.

They have modern colours and designs of great aesthetics, and they're an excellent decorative choice that follows the latest trends.

Shaggy rugs are super easy to clean, they give an elegant result, they combining perfectly with each other and with the rest of the house, forming an elegant effect. If you are looking for Shaggy rug in Efremoglou stores, we have a great variety of choices of colours and dimensions covering the needs of each house room. They have a long strand of wool or synthetic thread. We also find them on ready-made carpets in various sizes for a dining room or hall, or we can cut the desired dimensions from a moquette roll and even cover the entire floor from end to end with our shaggy type rug!

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