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Unique Modern and Classic Machine-Made Rugs from Efremoglou Company

Machine-made rugs have become known as industrial rugs. They entered the market very actively during the '60s. They made the rugs for floor covering much more affordable in terms of price. Large Greek companies produced millions of rugs and covered many spaces and houses. The quality of rug designs and the aesthetics was developed and evolved, as in all countries in Europe, with Belgium being the first to produce massively. They copy to some extent the traditional designs and depending on the quality, density, the machines, the detail, the weight, and the number of colours; the machine-made rugs have a similar aesthetic effect with the corresponding handmade rugs.

The machine-made rugs from Efremoglou Company, whether they are classic or modern designs, are made either from synthetic materials or from wool. Synthetic fibers can be further processed for different traits such as antistatic, flame retardant and environmentally friendly. The evolution of technology allows the special processing of the production material giving properties that make them flame retardant, sound insulation, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties but also without the annoying fluff. All the development methods and the quality of the used yarn shape its final price.

The Greek carpets of garte and pennie are all wool with dense knots for a better aesthetic result. They have a very durable knit, which makes them difficult to wear out and are really exceptional in their quality. They are separate carpets that embellish any space with care and emphasis on the smallest detail. They revive old ornate designs and succeed in giving the classic factor to every room possible.

With rich pile, dense knots and knitting, they are resistant to attrition and create the feeling of warmth in the space that contains them.

Belgian machine-made rugs are made of wool or synthetic materials with many knots and are processed to have the texture and feel of wool. They have classic and modern designs of high aesthetics with carefully selected patterns and special indelible colour combinations. The very dense weaving of these machine rugs makes them difficult to wear as long as it is properly cleaned and stored and is an economical solution intended for areas with great stress. Other manufacturing countries are Germany, Italy, England in Europe, but also Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Turkey in Asia. They come in specific dimensions that cover 99% of the cases. Common commercial dimensions are 130x200, 170x240, 200x300, 250x300 250x350 but also bedroom sets and hallways. Today we find besides the look-alike copies of the traditional designs bouchara, Tabriz, Nain, parchment, floral, with pendant design, repetitive patterns and also modern styles such as "bleached", copies of zeigler and patchwork. Still, the modern designs are simpler in terms of design and colours, with or without fringes.

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