Additional information regarding the rug repair services by the Efremoglou’s Company.

07. Laminating (LATEX).

Creates a substrate, helps with openings, rotten spots, dry and damaged substrates. Laminating stabilizes the condition of the rug and takes place on its backside. If the carpet’s already stiff, this application won’t soften it. And the duration of the application also depends on the condition of the rug.

The Efremoglou Company, identified with the high oriental rug-weaving process, continues to offer handmade masterpieces, always based on ancient techniques: Natural hair processing, dyeing with vegetable dyes, passion and boundless imagination.

Following the latest technological developments and launching new rug protection and renewal systems, gives you the opportunity to choose additional rug repair techniques that will improve and protect your rugs, better than ever.


The rug repair process involves waterproofing with a material that is applied to the entire surface of the rug and the fringes where it creates a protective film around the fibre. Gives the advantage that the pigment stain doesn’t steep (wine, coffee, urine) in the thread and cleans easily. Also, rugs that are exposed to the sun through windows can change their colours, which is why we recommend waterproofing for additional colour protection. The duration of protection depends on extensive use. The average time is estimated to be 11 months, and it doesn’t alter the colours or the texture of the carpet.


With the surface finishing process, the rug is “shaved” a few millimetres in the entire area on the pile. This process revitalizes the colours and enlivens the rug. It doesn’t damage the pile, but the fibres at the top of the pile get its surface finished.


Spray procedure that is applied to the entire surface of the rug with approved material that biodegrades substances that cause odour and consequently, poor health conditions. The results are always depending on the problem.


It is applied on rugs with suspected moth problem or on rugs that already been damaged. It can be fought to a great extent depending on the type of moth and the stage the moth problem has progressed. The space where the rug is stored and used needs attention and control. In many irreversible cases, we don’t undertake these rugs.


Is the procedure when a material is applied with a spray that slows down the spread of possible fire. It does not alter the texture or aesthetics of the carpet. The spray effect last for 11 months, depending on the use of the rug.


Repairs damage to small or large parts of your rug, rotten spots, holes, “eaten” parts, damaged fringes or rails. With traditional techniques and detailed processing, the damaged parts of the rug return to their original form with fantastic precision and consistency.


In addition to our rug cleaning methods – all thanks to our infrastructure – we also undertake the repair of the rugs that have been damaged with difficulties like holes, fringes, etc.

The fringes, the pipings as well as the rug’s edges, strips, seams and substrate, are the most “sensitive” points on the rugs. With the passing of time and maintenance, flicking but also from extensive use, rugs can weaken, open and wear out. So if they have the predisposition, they may show some signs of attrition and start to pluck or spread on the edges. This doesn’t mean that the rug is completely damaged but needs to be repaired or restored.

They also wear out or deteriorate more quickly when the doors knock on the fringes – rails or are more often used by being pressed on specific parts.

The same is observed on the pile of the rug when there is heavy furniture, and the use is more frequent or intense.

With cleaning, the treated points, e.g. rug paint or areas that are worn or prone to wear out and have not appeared or manifested, may become more visible after cleaning because they look better on a clean rug such as knots, warps and pile attrition effects. Also, the rug’s points or edges that are predisposed to open can be manifested by cleaning such as worn fringe rails and eaten pile symptoms.

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Restoring the direction of the pile to its original state.

Διαδικασία αποκατάστασης αποχρωματισμού (ξαβάματα) των χαλιών.

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