For over a century, in the Efremoglou Company, the knowledge and love for rug quality become invaluable care.

 Our company takes all the necessary measures for the coronavirus. We also recommend that your rugs must be ready for pickup, placed near the door and have your own pen to sign the receipt.

Carpet Cleaning

Your rugs are treated with the respect and attention they deserve. The Efremoglou Company, utilizing its experience and knowledge as well as using the most advanced cleaning products, gives each carpet separately, its identity (code number). This code number of each rug ensures the most ideal, exclusive, treatment depending on the way it is made (12 different cleaning methods).

The traditional maintenance process includes:


Depending on the “DNA” of each rug, the cleaning method and materials that are being used differ with each other. The rugs are shaken and cleaned in such a way and to such extent that the rug itself tells us when we have the best possible result without the damage or alteration of it.

Our status as high-quality rug weavers enables us to apply the most suitable process.


The Efremoglou Company, always a pioneer in modern production requirements, upgrades its Bio-Cleaning Applications, with the application of microbiological & bacterial disinfection procedures, with the disinfectant approved by NOP that is safe for humans and the environment, with no. license 51834/2009, according to the European standards of the types, 2,3,4, (98 / 8EC) and offers free disinfection of your rug with every carpet cleaning. This type of disinfection belongs to the first level of rug cleaning and is done on all rugs. In special cases, further disinfection will be charged extra.


The process of “centrifugation”, is where your rug drains from the cleaning water, so as not to alter even its most sensitive colours.


Rug drying in a natural and always protected way…


Rug cleaning is getting done with cleaning materials approved by the GCSL, with a neutral pH that leaves no residue and is completely soluble in water. They do not contain phosphates, their organic ingredients are biodegradable, and they’re environmentally friendly and non-toxic to children and pets.


How much does carpet cleaning cost?

The quality determines the cleaning price because a different procedure is followed depending on the type of carpet. Indicatively, the fees range at € 4.60 / m2 for machine-made carpets and rugs, € 5.90 / m2 for Greek handmade rugs and import rugs at € 7.90 / m2 plus VAT. A machine-made rug or carpet with dimensions 200×300 will cost the amount of € 27.60 per piece plus VAT. Respectively, an imported rug of dimensions 200×300 will cost the amount of € 47.40 plus VAT (in the rug’s dimensions, any fringes are included). Customers are also charged with the costs of transport but also their rug’s care. Efremoglou company offers free disinfection and shaking of rugs in all types, using all modern cleaning techniques.

What is the process of cleaning carpets?

All rugs are cleaned, but the way each particular rug is cleaned varies. Wet cleaning, dry cleaning (with controlled humidity process), or cleaning using foam are some of the cleaning methods, but all are equally effective. The choice is determined by each rug’s “DNA”  and the sensitivity of its colours. The materials we use are all certified by government agencies. Materials such as wool, silk and cotton can be considered living organisms. They may need soap, water (moisture) and air in proportion to remove the dirt accumulated on the rug, allowing it to “breathe” again and maintain its unique colours. Our many years of experience as rug weavers, using all the modern tools at our disposal, will play a crucial role in achieving the best possible result for your rug.

Do all stains clean 100% with cleaning?

The answer is simply no because there are many different types of stains. There are no “magic” materials that clean all sorts of colours with 100% success. The science of chemistry is complex and multifaceted. Pigment, greasy, and organic stains combined with the rug’s overall quality and the stain’s curing time significantly affect the cleansing’s final result. Stains of urine, blood, wine or coffee need special treatment after cleaning – a process that achieves up to 95% success rate, with a small additional cost to your total expenses.

Receipt - delivery appointment

Customers can deliver their rug to any address of the company it serves them (store or warehouse) or call its call centre to make an appointment for the exact day of receipt of their rug from the company’s truck. The day before the scheduled appointment, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS on his mobile phone for the specific 2 hours that the rug will be picked up. Customers can point out any comments or remarks they have about their rugs: comments about rug stains, fringe replacement, rug’s rotting surface or even the paint’s fading. The company will answer you immediately about the cost and time required for its repair. The customer will receive a copy of his carpet receipt, on which will be written some general descriptions of the type and quality of the carpet, such as: “A piece of machine-made rug, medium size for fringe control”.

How often should carpets be cleaned? Can they spoil with washing?

The rug’s substances need to “breathe”, whether we are talking about wool, silk or cotton. To achieve this, however, the rug must be cleaned and disinfected effectively. People often do not realize the pollutants that accumulate on their rug due to daily use. Exhaust gas in the atmosphere, the lit fireplace, the constant smoking, and the increased movement on the rug’s surface are some aggravating factors. It should be noted here that the damage is not caused by cleaning but the extensive use (as in the case of clothing), which becomes even more visible with the washing process. Rugs in a household “exist” with us and accompany us for many years and maybe decades. But we must not forget that nothing remains permanent over time. However, proper maintenance will ensure the excellent form and aesthetics of your rug.

Damage points and repairing

When the rug is cleaned, wear and use points become more visible, such as moisture marks and drying areas. The edges of the rugs (relays and fringes) are the most sensitive points and they’re the ones that usually wear out first. In the places where they are most trampled, wear affects the pile of the carpet. But everything can be repaired and restored.

Why do we see our carpet differently after cleaning?
  • We got used to the image of our carpet before cleaning.
  • We place the carpet in other direction or room
  • It  washed first time and the “new” left or washed away the excess extra color.
  • It has marks or does not lay well: from the storage – packaging (roll tightly wrapped) or the combing brush left some marks (inversion).
  • It smells different: or because of the cleaners – disinfection or because of construction eg backing
  • Fringes are mixed : you need to comb

Everything goes away or you call us to help you.

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Why is rug cleaning more effective in specialized rug cleaning companies?

As is the case in every industry, the professional’s certification and his constant information on technological developments are necessary to ensure the quality and services he offers. The continuous infusion, the immediate response and the guaranteed result of his work must be characterized by immediacy and reliability. The Efremoglou company, adhering to the code of ethics and consistently committed to its vision, has been offering for decades in the field of rug weaving one of the highest quality and most efficient services in the rug industry.

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