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Handmade Bed Sets

Bed sets are handmade classic or modern rugs or machine-made rugs that belong to different groups of weaving. Following the most current colour trends, they have the ability to match any style of bedroom decoration, being a safe, trouble-free decorative choice and at the same time satisfying everyone's personal desires, giving your space your unique taste.

Depending on the origin and the varied species to which they belong, they can be classic or modern rugs. They can have a colour palette that contains many colours from brown, to lilac and then grey light or grey dark, purple-blue red, beige in the natural colour of the hair with subtle designs as a pattern in the weave. Monochrome or plain patterns and simple lines, with shades of red blue and green Salmon grey as well as other earthly colours, adorning these unique rugs.

Bedroom rugs usually consist of a set of three rugs, two of equal size for the sides of the bed and a larger one for the bottom. The usual dimensions of the bedroom rugs are 075X160 on the sides and 075x200 that's in front of the bed. We also find a bedroom set with three pieces of the same dimensions of 075x150.

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