The name “Efremoglou” comes from the ancestor of the family named “Epraim” who was born in 1790 in Sparta of Anatolia.

Dimitrios (Dimitros) “Evremoglou” or “Efremoglou”, which was prevailed, was born in 1900 in Sparta Pisidia of Anatolia and he was a member of a large family consisting of three other children, Fevronia, Kleoniki and Stavroula. Despite their current economic and social conditions and the insufficient means of education, he attended the first grades of elementary school. A hardworking and diligent man, he was involved in various tasks from a very young age. He worked as a builder, as a worker in a power plant factory, as a pharmacist, and he was involved in wine production as well as ouzo distillation, agriculture and finally the carpet weaving industry.

His father’s dispute with the Turkish authorities on January 6, 1918, on the Christian feast day of Epiphany, played a decisive role in the later life of the family. His father, beaten by a Turkish official, died a few hours later, while he was exiled to Caesarea. The repeated persecutions that the family received from the authorities, however, did not turn the love for their place, to which they returned every time they had the chance.