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High-Quality Moquettes - Efremoglou Company

Moquette is the material that was initially intended to cover the floor from wall to wall but later it was established to be used in pieces in rug dimensions. When the moquette peels off, you need to take care of the substrate. The old constructions on the carpets had some issues with the durability of the substrate. Today they have improved a lot. Whichever way is chosen to be laid over, the carpets create a sense of warmth and luxury in the space they placed. When it comes to placement from end to end, then we recommend you to hire a specialist manufacturer to install it correctly for you.

The construction materials of the moquettes vary. Wool, polyamide, polypropylene, jute, cotton or blends make them suitable for any use, meeting the modern requirements of each space. Now several fibres or yarns have additional treatments which shape the cost of those more eco-friendly elements. The significant evolution in technology allows through the development process, the moquettes to acquire characteristics like slow-burning, antistatic, sound-insulating, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial qualities. All the special treatments and the quality of the yarns used to shape its final price.

Depending on the material, the density and the height of the pile, the moquettes are categorized as suitable for home use, for professional use or for outdoor use. They also come in 50x50 tile dimensions for professional spaces. In many meters, it is possible to print the company logo in the desired colour and design.

The colours used in the moquette making process cover the entire colour spectrum and can be combined with any kind of decoration.

We find them in monochrome and multicoloured designs, with a pile, curl, embossed, stamped, shaggy type or even mat design.

The finishing is completed with a pipping in the primary colour of the carpet or the mat.

In many cases, moquettes are an economical solution for the floor covering of large surfaces in every desired dimension. Many countries in their culture or as a proposal by interior architects and decorators, they use moquettes instead of using tiles as a flooring solution, on which the lay smaller handmade rugs as decorative elements.

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