We undertake the cleaning and maintenance of your rugs as well as their receipt and delivery at your place.

Your rugs are treated with the respect and attention they deserve. The Efremoglou Company is utilizing its invaluable experience and knowledge as well as the most advanced cleaning products and gives each rug separately, its identity (code number) which ensures the most ideal rug treatment depending on the way it is made (12 different cleaning methods).

At our Company, cleaning, maintenance and storage are set in the best conditions possible, with the most advanced methods, by hand or with modern machines that, in combination with the specialized know-how of our staff, guarantee the special treatment of every handmade rug made with ecological materials.

In the case of using our service, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Upon receipt, the minimum charge is 35.00 euros + VAT.
  • There are additional charges when we are receiving wet, fabric-eaten and larger than 14sqm rugs or when the collection is made from rest areas of Attica and other cities. See our Price List for more on that.
  • The received rugs are considered used, they are described in the receipt only with a general description of construction or origin without dimensions.
  • The fringes are also considered in rug’s dimensions.
  • We have no responsibility for damage, alterations, reactions at the edges, rails, fringes, pile, paint or other elements on the pile or back of the rug, that is due to construction, use, age, processing, maintenance, sun exposure or moisture effects.
  • Some stains may not clean completely.
  • Learn about “Symptoms of use” and additional repair information.
  • The period of receipt and delivery of the rug is from January 5 to December 20 of the same year. Repayments are made within the same year.
  • With the coming of the new year, these rugs that have remained in the company and were not received by the owner, are additionally charged with guarding, insurance premiums and maintenance costs for the whole year.
  • After three years of non-payment of your bill, the company has no responsibility for the condition and storage of your rugs.
  • Customers must notify about the receipt or delivery of their rugs ten (10) days in advance. Delivery-receipt hours 07:00-16:00 without a specific appointment.
  • Any customer’s dispute or disagreement to be accepted for discussion must be submitted strictly within ten (10) days of receipt-delivery.
  • For prices, charges, appointments and other information contact our phones 210-2790121 / 210-2771400 / 210-2772580 or e-mail [email protected]
  • The customer is obliged to keep the delivery note for receipt in good condition and to display it when returning his rugs.
  • Competent courts for resolving any dispute are the courts of Athens.


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