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JAN KATH signature rugs

Authentic Handmade Tibetan rugs from the international JAN KATH collection

which is available in Athens exclusively at the EFRAIMOGLOU house

 An innovation in the design of handmade carpets with the partnership and symbiosis of two designs.

Especially in some of the designer's collections we see a second of another culture and style being revived through the carpet itself. Almost parthenogenesis. With a double pattern on the pile with a textured and 3D rendering.

JAN KATH rugs use Tibetan mountain wool which is the best quality wool and which is hand washed and hand woven and dyed with eco-friendly vegetable dyes.

In combination with wool, natural silk is used which creates an attractive sheen that gives an excellent effect

Natural materials combined with traditional handmade weaving techniques give each JAN KATH rug its own special character, making it a unique piece.

With wool and silk yarns available in a color palette of 1200 colours, JAN KATH rugs can be created according to one's individual needs and personal wishes in terms of both size and materials, while the designs of the collections can be combined with each other. the other giving each carpet our personal style.

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