The ezzoJunior carpet line is a fresh proposal for the decoration of the teen and children’s room. The very soft to the touch surface in combination with the thin non-slip substrate makes them very safe and functional. Resistant to many washes so you always have them clean. The soft gray-white shades and their wonderful design will give a pleasant note to the children’s room. Antiallergic, antibacterial, safe for health and living environment. Antistatics for easy wiping, washable and durable for daily use.

EzzoJunior have been tested for their ecological character as well as for the complete absence of substances harmful to health.

Composition: Frize 2ply Tricolor.

Weight: 1800 grs / sqm.

Pile Height: 9mm.

Woven carpet substrate. Top Quality. Eco-friendly & pets. Safe for health. Antibacterial. Suitable for those who have a hair allergy. Suitable for intense home use with extra possibilities in the quick return of the pile due to the specialized processing of the threads. Antistatic, does not generate static electricity and therefore does not magnetize dust, fluff and microparticles. Washable. Stainless from everyday stains due to the special treatment in the threads that prevents the absorption of any stain. Flame retardants


Frize 2ply tricolor

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