Waterproofing carpets of fabrics of carpets

Waterproofing of fabrics. We apply immediately after cleaning, the new advanced waterproofing Nanotechnology Solugard. It is a nanotechnology product  and extremely non-stick for textile products, handmade carpets, carpets, fabrics, etc. It coats each fiber with a protective layer with a stable UV. It does not affect the appearance, touch and color. The fibers will be protected from water , dirt and stains in the broadest sense possible. The result of this protection is that dry dirt will no longer stick to the fibre. Wet stains will not penetrate the fibre.  Water, coffee, red wine, urine  sauce etc will be easily removed from the fibers.


this protection results in detail

  1. Do not absorb solid or liquid pollutants (urine, water, coffee, wine, sauces, etc.) by the fibers.
  2. Do not paint the stain the carpet and do not paint the delicate colors to each other. (especially in handmade)
  3. Do not allow moisture to enter the fiber.
  4. Maintain adhesions to the floor.
  5. Remain the original colors and the natural appearance of the surface.
  6. Prevent the appearance of mold.
  7. To remove pollutants more easily  , if not completely to a large extent.
  8. To allow the material to ‘breathe’ and thus extend the service life.
  9. Prevent the survival of fungi or moths.
  • Minimize fading or yellowing by the sun’s rays or sun exposure.

Beware of the term of protection. It usually lasts up to a year depending on the use. Close to the anniversary needs a repeat of the process.